At PCI we offer purest Nanomaterials with a uniform composition to be used for research and production purposes.
We have a large sized Nanomaterial repository and we also do custom synthesis of required nano particles as per client requirements.


Our offerings:


Nano-coating can be done on various surfaces such as drill probes allowing optimization of lifespan and efficiency of systems thereby saving costs. Rotary blades of wind and water turbines can be coated with a nano-paint for an anti corrosion and mechanical distress layer.


In Cobalt, Copper, Nickel, Silver and Lead

Coating Materials for Energy Sector
  • Our Fire Protective & Heat Insulating Coating called “Thermo –S” is an alternative to all Heat-insulating Technologies
  • The coating can be applied on metals, plastics, concrete,brick, wood and any other brick building
  • Provides excellent protection against frost penetration.
Technical Indicators
Name Value
Appearance of composition White Suspension
Appearance of coating Uniform, White
Performance Temp Range From -60 to +260
Adhesion to Steel Mpa 1.0
Tensile Strength Mpa 2.0
Nanomaterials for Aviation Industry  are used in:
  • Airframe Structure
  • Aero-Engine Parts
  • Aircraft Electro-Communication System

Nano coatings are generally used for protecting the structures and surfaces of the aircraft from harsh environments. The stringent requirements like resistance to extreme temperatures, extreme climates, corrosion, abrasion and wear of engine parts have sparked an increased demand for more reliable high performance coatings such as:

  • SiC Nanoparticles in SiC-particle-reinforced alumina
  • Yttria Stablized Nano Zirconia
  • TiN Noncrystalline embedded in amorphous Si3N4

The list above is a concise representation of the work we do in the Nanotech space.
Please feel free to reach out to us for consultation and requirement on Nano products and we would be happy to help you.