Coconut BBQ Charcoal

All Natural Coconut BBQ Charcoal Briquettes are made from specially handpicked 9 to 11 mm thick coconut shells that grow in special areas in India where the water quality helps the coconut grow naturally to the outerwall thickness that we need to produce high quality briquettes. Mojo Coconut Briquettes therefore give you a better burning
and an special amazing flavour when lit on your barbecue grill. They pair well with beef, lamb, pork and vegetables.

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  • All-natural with no chemicals or additives
  • 85-90% coconut and husk
  • 5-7% natural vegetable binder (starch)
  • Amazing aroma that starts from the light of the coal and continues all the way through cooking.
These briquettes burn long for 2.5 to 3 hours on an average.

Yes they are 100% smokeless

Yes the natural aroma goes into the food without confusing the original food flavour

No these briquetets are without chemicals or additives