Planet Plus is the Equipment Division of Planet Conversations International. We source and manufacture a range of equipments to serve the varying needs of our customers.

Solar Dryer (UV Dryer)

UV Dryer is a low cost drying solution that uses the normal flux in the light converting it into heat to give you a temperature of 50-55 degrees Celsius without Power. It is used for drying Paddy, Copra, Kava, Fish, Ginger or any other food product required to be dried before processing.


10 mm thick Poly Carbonated sheet
Average temperature maintained - 50 Degrees celsius
Total floor area occupied - 410 sq ft
Solar P V Module - 100 W and Control Panel Board
GP Pipe Frame
Cuddapah stone flooring to retain heat
Temperature and Humidity Controller with Sensor
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Pouding Machine

Used to Pound spices, Kava, herbal medicines etc
Single Phase power
2 HP motor
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Briquetting Machines

It is used to make briquettes or solid fuel from any kind of agricultural, forest or industrial waste. Basic two types of Briquette machines are available of different capacity and they are Screw Type Extruder Briquette Machine and Ram/Roller Press Briquette Machine. The briquettes produced can be with or without (100% Organic) any binder or chemical. We suggest the acceptable moisture in raw material for briquetting to be not more than 10 – 12% for smokeless high-grade fuel. Contact Now

Chipper Grinder

Chipper is required to cut raw material into small chips to make the material portable. Raw material such as Wood Logs, Tree Shrubs, Peddy Straw, Cotton Stalk etc. could be chipped to smaller sizes before putting them through a dryer and the briquetting press for high quality fuel. Contact Now

Hammer Grinder

HG granulates the material into powder form as per the available raw material. The material is clashed by the hammer batten, shredded and expelled through screens of a selected size for it to be converted into powder form. Different size of hammer mill are available to meet the specific requirements of customers. Contact Now

Flash Dryer

It is used in case of raw material with less moisture content. It reduces moisture up to 25%. Also called – Flash Dryer, Cyclone Dryer, Kiln Dryer, Pass Dryer, Three Pass Dryer, Double Pass Dryer, Single Pass Dryer etc.

Categories of Flash Dryer

Model No. Production
FD5 4,000 KG/H
FD4 2,500 KG/H
FD3 1,500 KG/H
FD2 1,000 KG/H
FD1 300 KG/H
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Charcoal Roller Press Briquetting Machine

(Pillow and Square Shaped Briquettes)
  • Raw material to be briquetted – wood, bamboo, coconut shell
  • Using a batch process charcoal fines or powder is loaded in to the Mixer along with the binder such as cassava, starch.
  • Post mixing contents are put into the hopper of the Briquetting machine.
  • Briquettes are formed and discharged from the machine to sun dry.
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Briquette Plant

  • Raw material to be briquetted – Charcoal Fines, Charcoal Powder, wood, bamboo, coconut shell
  • Using a batch process charcoal fines or powder is loaded in to the Paddle Mixer along with the binder such as cassava, starch through screw conveyor.
  • Post mixing contents are put into the Pug Mill and then Briquette material is fed into Briquette machine via Conveyor Belt.
  • Briquettes are formed and discharged from the machine to sun dry.


1 Screw Conveyor 2.2
2 Starch/Molasis/Binder Feeding System 0.36
3 Paddle Mixer 7.5
4 Water Spraying System (required if Binder is used) 0.1
5 Pug Mill 5.5
6 Belt Conveyor 1.5
7 Briquette Machine 5.5(900 Kg/hour) and 7.5 (1500 Kg/hour)
8 Mesh Conveyor 0.36
9 Electrical Control Panel
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