Is “Planet Conversations International” the parent company and “MOJO” their Brand for value added Charcoal and biomass products?
That’s correct. Planet Conversations is a Registered Company doing Solid Bio charcoal from all kinds of Agricultural wastes and hardwood.

Is MOJO BBQ Lumpwood Charcoal available in Bulk or only Retail bags?
MOJO BBQ Lumpwood Charcoal is available in Retail Packs of 2 Kg, 5 kg and 10 Kg in our branded bags and logo but we can also customise as per buyers requirement. We also entertain Bulk enquiries shipped in 20 and 25 Kg BOPP Bags.

Is MOJO Sheesha Cube Charcoal a Retail or a Bulk product?
MOJO Sheesha Cube Charcoal is sold in MOJO Retail packs of 72 cubes, 40 cubes and 24 cube pack sizes. We also do bulk shipments.

When will my Order arrive?
As soon as your item is shipped, you will automatically receive an updated email confirmation that includes a tracking number for your order. Processing usually happens within 48 hours. If you have specific questions regarding your purchase such as credit card information, personal info changes, etc, please contact us at

Do you ship Internationally? Which countries?
Yes we Ship Internationally to all possible countries.

I did not find the answer to my question how do I reach you?
Please use the whats app chat button, Reach Us page or email us at and we will revert at the earliest. You can also call us.

Which raw material (sugarcane , bagasse, groundnut shells and pine wood) will work best for a high calorific value briquette?
Groundnut shell as it has the highest calorific value of 4661

How to calculate the cost of production per KG of Briquette?
Groundnut shell as it has the highest calorific value of 4661.

How to calculate the cost of production per KG of Briquette?
Cost of Production = Cost of Raw Material + Cost of Labour, Consumables and Power

What are other machines required for raw material like ground nut shell for making briquettes?
Hammer, Grinder and a dryer depending on the existing moisture content.

Rate the calorific value of the following briquettes: Saw Dust, Coal Dust, Rice Husk, Bagasse?

  • Coal Dust : 6000
  • Saw Dust : 4654
  • Bagasse : 4300
  • Rice Husk : 3200

How much time it will take to deliver my equipments?
It will take approximately 8-10 weeks to deliver your equipment.

What is the warranty period of any of the equipments available?
All equipment come with a warranty period of 1 year.

What is the standard size norms for pieces of BBQ Lumpwood Charcoal?
The Standard size norm for BBQ Lumpwood Charcoal is 20 to 40 mm per piece

What is the standard size norms for pieces of Restaurant Hardwood Charcoal?
The standadrd size norm for Restaurant Hardwood Charcoal is 40 mm to 110 mm plus.

What is the average burning time of Good BBQ Lump Charcoal?
The average burning time is 3 to 3.5 hours depending on the method of burning and the quality of charcoal.

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