Mojo Hardwood Lump Charcoal

Mojo All Natural Hardwood Lump charcoal or bbq lumpwood or briquettes are long burning quality lumpwood charcoal or lumpwood vs briquettes that burn long, with even heating while adding the authentic, smoky flavor of forest lump charcoal or bbq lumpwood or briquettes to your food without confusing the food. The best lump charcoal is all natural – no fillers, chemicals, or additives. We use wood from approved forestry reserves in line with our belief of a ‘Responsible quality Lumpwood Charcoal Company’. Our quality lumpwood charcoal or lumpwood vs briquettes is clean, dry, low dust and sparkless. Our bbq charcoal briquettes or lumpwood or quality lumpwood charcoal or bbq lumpwood or briquettes gives a slow, strong heating for the natural aromas in your food to come alive! You need to explore and discover the natural difference of Mojo All Natural forest Lump Charcoal or lumpwood vs briquettes to believe!

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  • Mojo Hardwood Lump charcoal are all natural processed from different hardwoods such as tamarind, eucalyptus, mahogany, Raintree, Babool and these all wood we pick up from approved forestry reserves.
  • Contain no coal, chemicals, or fillers that are common in standard briquettes.
  • Ready to cook faster than standard briquettes
  • No additives means authentic wood-smoked flavor
  • Produce less ash and requires minimal clean up
  • Great for use in all styles of indoor and outdoor cooking appliances, including classic kettle style barbecues, grills & other smokers!

Our Charcoal is from all-natural wood that has been carbonised and has no additives.

Mojo Hardwood Lump Charcoal is made of 100% natural kiln dried hardwoods.

Our Standard Hardwood Lump Charcoal is Raintree but we also use other hardwoods such as Babool, Mahogany, Tamarind, Eucalyptus and other hardwoods.

Advantages of Using Best Lump Charcoal or Lumpwood or Briquettes

Heating barbecues or a home has long been one of the most common uses of quality lumpwood charcoal or lumpwood or briquettes. Even today, many homes use quality lumpwood charcoal to protect themselves from the cold. And even use bbq charcoal briquettes or lumpwood or quality lumpwood charcoal at a time when protecting the environment and combating climate change have become global concerns. There are still benefits to heating with lumpwood charcoal:

  • Quality Lumpwood charcoal or bbq charcoal briquettes or lumpwood is a renewable energy: forests regenerate on their own over a period of 10 to 200 years. In most countries, the use of  charcoal as energy contributes to the maintenance of the forest. And for good reason, the slash is systematically evacuated, buried and burned on the site of the exploitation for the realization of forestry works (regeneration and preservation of forests). For information, currently the consumption of Hardwood Lump charcoal or lumpwood or briquettes represents several million cubic meters per year. Thanks to good forest management, the country has one of the most important forest parks in Europe.
  • The forest lump charcoal is also a competitive and inexpensive source of energy: The best lump charcoal is the cheapest source of energy compared to gas or even electricity. In addition, The best lump charcoal or lumpwood or briquettes does not require any transformation process before being used.
  • In recent devices, The forest lump charcoal allows relatively low fuel consumption while offering optimized comfort.
  • Even if the best lump charcoal heating also releases CO 2 and particles into the atmosphere, its impact on the environment is neutral, even positive.
  • In terms of comfort, the best lump charcoal or lumpwood or briquettes has this wonderful feature of diffusing a soft and homogeneous heat which is accompanied by a relatively pleasant smell.
  • The best lump charcoal price ! It is the most economical of all barbecues.
  • Warm and traditional.
  • Low maintenance : empty the ash pan, clean the grid and you’re done!

Our advice for choosing the right model and making the perfect quality lumpwood charcoal barbecue:

  • Prefer barbecues with an enamelled steel tank, very resistant to heat and use the best lump charcoal.
  • Ideally, the best lump charcoal should be 80% carbon and not burn out too quickly. Restaurant grade bbq charcoal briquettes or lumpwood is a great choice.
  • To make lighting the barbecue easier, use small Hardwood Lump charcoal or bbq lumpwood or briquettes pieces, or natural or compressed wood fire-lighter cubes. Chemical fire starters, methylated spirits or gasoline should therefore be prohibited. The risks of accidents or deterioration of the taste or quality of food are too great.