MOJO BBQ Coconut Charcoal Briquettes

MOJO BBQ Coconut Charcoal Briquettes are one of our sought after products for Bulk or Retail.
We select Graded Coconut shell for Briquetting such that it burns for more than 5 hours. It is smokeless and an excellent fuel for Restaurant and BBQ cooking. The low ash ensures it gives consistent heat without a mess. MOJO BBQ Briquettes are Natural cause there are no chemicals or additives. We use Tapioca or other organic starch for Binding. These are 100% organic in nature as they are put through compressed processing techniques to give consistent heat for slow and strong cooking.
Available in Hexagonal and Pillow Briquette variants
Ash: 8 to 10%
Moisture: 10 to 12%
FC: 75 to 78%
Burning time: 4 to 5 Hours

Why do most BBQ Briquettes not burn for long?

Selection of the right coconut shell is a crucial factor in determining the burning time of the BBQ Briquette. If the shell is not properly dried and has high moisture it will result in High Ash formation. This will lead to the briquettes burning for a shorter time emitting smoke. A crucial factor for a good BBQ is the selection of the coal. If the charcoal is dry, clean and 100% carbonised the BBQ will go well. If however the charcoal has high moisture, is not carbonised properly and you have a lot of unburnt charcoal then the charcoal Briquettes will give a lot of smoke, spark and ash killing the BBQ experience.


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We do not claim to say we are one of the best but we rather we are the Best. Our reason to make that claim is simply because we are an Honest Charcoal company. We advocate the use of natural briquettes without chemicals as these can be bad for the food being cooked. As a “Responsible Coal” company we do 100% natural coconut charcoal briquettes for a smokeless, no mess BBQ experience.

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