Solar Dryer (UV Dryer)
Solar Greenhouse Dryer is a low cost drying solution that uses the normal flux in the light converting it into heat to give you a temperature of 50-55 degrees Celsius with minimal Power. It is used for drying Paddy, Copra, Kava, Fish, Ginger or any other food product required to be dried before processing.

Our Solar dryers installed in the Pacific Islands have raving customer testimonials as the drying time for kava has reduced from 5 to 6 days to 24 to 28 hours bringing smiles to many happy farmer families. The solar dryer promises better yield per Kg of agricultural produce thus fetching the farmers higher export dividends. The drying process disinfects and minimizes bacterial growth and gives a crisp drying without damaging the Kava, Copra or any other product being dried.

10 mm thick Poly Carbonated sheet
Average temperature maintained – 50 to 55 Degrees celsius
Total floor area occupied – 410 sq ft
Solar P V Module – 100 W and Control Panel Board
GP Pipe Frame
Cuddapah stone flooring to retain heat
Temperature and Humidity Controller with Sensor

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